iPad 2 vs New iPad (iPad 3), which one to buy?


The release of the new iPad has left many of us in a state of indecisiveness. People who own, and those who have never owned an iPad are facing the same dilemma, to be or not to be. Most of us had high hopes that the new iPad would put an end to our life-long quest for an ideal tablet. Unfortunately, it did not. It now seems that the new iPad is more of an option rather than an upgrade to its predecessor. The market for iPad 2 therefore has not closed. In fact, even before the release of their 3rd generation tablet, apple had already announced that they will continue to manufacture iPad 2 and sell it at a reduced price.The purpose of this article is to help you decide whether you should buy the new iPad or stick with its predecessor. So, let’s us take a look at different scenarios where one version may be preferred over the other and vice versa. But first let’s summarize all the important issues that have made the new iPad center of criticism.

In the order of preference:

1. overheating: it is now a common knowledge that the new iPad is running 13 degrees hotter than its predecessor. There are can be two important implications of this finding. First, many people believe that it feels uncomfortable holding a warm tablet for prolonged lengths of time. This feeling might become worse in the hot weather, especially when there is no AC to cool you and your iPad down. Imagine holding a sick child who has a fever of 102 degrees, but this baby is running a temperature of 116 degrees. Second, many have raise concerns over the effects of the high temperature on iPad’s delicate hardware.

2. Wifi connectivity: there are enough whiners on apple forum complaining about the new iPad’s noticeably inferior wifi reception. For some this problem is more annoying than the heating issue.

3. Battery: it takes twice the amount of time to charge the new iPad to full than iPad 2. It has also been seen that the new iPad is falsely displaying a 100% charge figure when in fact it is continuing to load its battery for at least another hour after the percentage is displayed. Another, even bigger disappointment is the fact that the new iPad’s battery does not charge when it is plugged and simultaneously running some ‘heavy duty’ apps such as games and videos or multitasking.

4. A voracious appetite for the data: being an HD model, understandably it needs more fuel to run its system than the previous models. I wish there was some kind of ‘standard mode’ that people could use to conserve data, unfortunately, there isn’t.

5. Higher demand for memory: since most of its apps must be HD and therefore ‘heavy’, the need for both static as well as Random Access Memory is naturally higher. Unfortunately, this entire HD concept has translated in to rendering the cheapest member of its family, the 16GB, more or less dysfunctional, at least for the dedicated tablet users. So if you must buy anything ‘functional’ you have to choose 32 GB or higher version.

7. Few more ounces: This is not really a major issue but people who were used to holding the previous versions argue that the additional ounces will further decrease the number of hours they could support the tablet on their palms. I personally believe that the heating factor would have kicked in way before you felt the heat of those few extra ounces so there are bigger issues to worry about.

8. Same old dorky front camera: even though the rare camera has been upgraded the most functional camera of the iPad, front camera, has been ignored. I completely fail to understand the logic behind this decision.

9. Lack of Siri: most people were expecting to receive this iPhone 4S feature in their new iPad. But all they got was disappointment. Some people think that apple might have intentionally saved Siri for their next launch.

With this basic information about the new iPad it will now be easier for me to recommend the edition of the iPad that will suit your needs.

So who should buy the new iPad?

The biggest and perhaps the only visible plus of the new iPad thus far seems to be its display. All other features have become more or less subdued due to its lack of basic luxuries. For instance, its higher RAM gets easily neutralized its higher demand for memory, so on and so forth.

So, if you are a digital photographer, the new iPad is the tablet of choice for you. No other display will give you even a closest visualization of the pixels that you captured with your digital camera

if you are a low to medium intensity surfer and like to read books and magazines with colorful graphics and display on the internet, the 3rd generation is the way to go.

Game lovers who have extremely sensitive senses for sensing the speed, the new iPad is your gadget.

If you are a big fan of shooting pictures and videos with your tablet (which is kind of odd, though), the new iPad could be your dream come true. But one has to have a genuinely convincing reason for choosing a tablet over so say a digital camera or even an iPhone to shoot good quality photos and videos.

Beyond this I would seriously recommend to meticulously outweigh risks verses benefits of buying the 3rd over 2nd generation iPad.

And, who should buy the iPad 2?

Naturally, everybody else who does not meet the above criterion should go for iPad 2.

If you are an aggressive tablet user and must hold it for an infinite number of hours without having to bear the discomfort due to its higher temperature or weight or strain to your ‘retina’, your solution is iPad 2.

For dedicated users a sluggish charge time is definitely going to be a deal breaker for the new iPad purchase. Additionally, the fact that the new iPad’s battery does not charge when it is plugged and simultaneously running some ‘heavy’ apps such as games and videos or multitasking will add to its disability for the serious users.

For Navigation lovers, iPad 2 will certainly have an edge over new iPad because of its quick charge time while you are on the go.

People who live in wifi unfriendly homes should think hundred times before purchasing the new iPad. Now we all know that iPad 2 has the best wifi reception

iPad 2 is light on your pocket if you are a big time GSM user. Thus far there are no unlimited data plans for iPad. Both Verizon and AT&T offer no more than 5 GB of data per charge for iPad, so one must use the data prudently to avoid being billed multiple times in a month. Here again the classification of aggressive vs. low to medium user should be used in deciding between iPad 2 and the new iPad.

If you are low on budget you could save a lot of money by choosing iPad 2. This is not only because of the recent price slash of iPad 2 but also due to the fact that the new iPad’s higher memory requirement has rendered its cheapest member (16 GB) useless. Therefore if you are an aggressive user’s iPad 2 is definitely going to be a great buy.

if you are a big time video chatter buying the new iPad will be a shear wastage of money for two reasons, one, since no change has been made to the front camera of the tablet therefore the video quality is not going to be a whole lot different from the iPad 2. Second, you will now be spending more Mb/minute that with the previous version if you are chatting on a GSM plan.

Conclusion: Consider the New iPad if you are a big time digital photographer (professional or hobbyist) and if you are a low to medium tablet user. For everybody else, there is iPad 2.

(PS: The views expressed in this article are solely my own. I am not a professional reviewer nor am I employed or affiliated to any electronic company whatsoever. Please use your own judgment in deciding about the products you want to purchase. This material is copyright protected. Please avoid plagiarism)



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